We are proud to announce the release of latest Contact Payroll for Windows - version 2.5

The new version will include the following new features and enhancements:
  • PDF / HTML / XML AND TEXT - Provision has been made for secured PDF and XML exporting formats on all reports.  A facility for exporting TEXT and HTML is also included.  You will now be able to send any report or payment advice via e-mail.  
  • EMPLOYEE TERMINATION - The employee termination procedure has been modified to calculate transactions pro-rata to days worked by the employee.   An additional option, calculates leave days-due and create a "Normal" transaction, if required.
  • HELP FILES - Updated online help files are now part of the application at run-time.  An HTML manual will also be available for printing.
  • ACTION ASSISTANT - An action assistant are now part of your payroll processing and will remind you of any necessary discrepancies or important notes.  A log is being generated for this purpose.
  • EMPLOYEE TEMPLATES - Employee templates create the ability to add employees faster.  Your standard settings on an employee record can now be set as "default".
  • LEAVE MODULE - Leave module has been enhanced - now part of the employee template.  Leave Type entitlements are now allocated automatically.
  • EA Remuneration - A separate function for calculating the employee's EA (Basic Conditions of the Employment Act) remuneration has been added.  Severance pay are now calculated on this remuneration total.
  • BACKUPS - A system back procedure was added to the "Process Guide".  The system backup automatically backup processing data to the hard drive in respective folders.
  • REPORTING - New reports were added for TAX, UIF and SDL purposes.  Now you could complete your Employees Tax form directly from the respective report.

Previous version updates [V2]:

  • XP Interface - Now with the all-new XP interface, processing and managing your payroll system is much faster!
  • Data Sets - Previous-year's data sets are now listed separately and secured against tampering
  • Payment Reversals - Reverse any processed payment without restoring backups.  Does include detailed audit-trail.
  • Reminders - A diary and period reminder feature has been added, to keep you up-to-date with birth-dates, increase dates, your own transaction reminders, etc.
  • UIF and RSC - The latest UIF and Leave Pay legislation updates are also included; with a selection feature for RSC levies on transactions.
  • Report Writer - A report writer - to developed and compile your own reports - is now available at an additional cost.
Previous version updates [V1]:
  • IRP5 / IT3A checking utility for data integrity and information format (Utilities, Test, IRP5 / IT3A Data)
  • Advance:  Leave batch processing (Process, Transactions, Leave Transaction Input by Batch)
  • Filter options for "input / process by transaction sheet" (Process, Transaction, Input by Transaction Sheet)
  • Other small changes / fixes