Welcome to Contact® Payroll for Windows


Basic Features

  • Multiple Organisation Setup - Unlimited company records with complete details

  • Employee Master File – Database provides unlimited employee records with general, person, schedule, salary, payment, and customisable input
    (2Gb Employee data file size limit, equates to about 5,000,000 records per company)

  • Employee Listing by Employee Code, Surname, Name

  • Easy Employment Policies for EmployeesEmployee Leave Module - Setup custom leave types (Example:  Normal leave, sick leave, study leave, etc)

  • Multiple Cost Centre Setup - Link one employee to many cost-centres

  • Temporary Hide "Dormant" Employee Records

  • Custom Transaction Setup - Payments, Deductions, Contributions, Benefits and Predefined Sets

  • Multiple Overtime Rates

  • Print Monthly Reports - Payslips, Transaction Register, Payment Register and Statutory Reports

  • Print Annual Reports - EMP501 Reconciliation, Transaction Reports, Employee Reports, Monthly Reports

  • Global Calculation - Multiple Employee Records

  • Copy Employee Records 

  • Design your own “payroll format spreadsheet”, customise in payroll and import with click of a button
    Clock cards, time-sheets, call-sheets, etc.

Some Extras

  • Action Assistant 

  • Wizard for Startup

  • Wizard for Reporting

  • Wizard for Processing

  • Employee:  Pay Points

  • Employee:  Gradings

  • Employee:  Tax Classifications

  • Employee:  Job Categories

  • Employee:  Designation Setup

  • Processing:  Distribution Codes

  • Statistics:  Employee Transaction Analysis

  • Statistics:  Employee Tax Analysis

  • Statistics:  Employee Summary Analysis

  • History and Archives:  Transaction Database

  • History and Archives:  Payment Database

  • History and Archives:  Leave Transactions

  • Export and Import Features

  • Suspend, Reinstate and Terminate Employee Records

  • Other:  Employee Colour Indicators (Payment Cycle, 


Favourite Features

  • 6 Steps Processing

  • Best Practice Analyser (Checking all payroll setup and data consistency)





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