Application Name: ACS
Last Modification / Release Date: 2001/08
Industry: Abattoir and Red Meat Industry
Period in Operation: 2001 - 2008
Maximum records implemented: 6000 batch records
500 - 700 carcasses per batch
400,000 grading and carcass history
Implementation Platforms: Novell Netware;
Database Type: Topspeed
Database Size Limit: Limited by HDD
Demo version available: e-Mail
Application Summary: Picking slip, Invoicing, Credit-Notes, Sales-Orders
Grading with scale integration
CSV import / export features available
Sales journal and various report options available (by item, product, sales-date, etc)
Network printing for various document types
Network enabled
Demo version available on request
ACS was developed for the abattoir and red meat industry.  It's been successfully implemented since 2001 / 2002.  The application has a very small footprint and processing is easy and quick. 
Comprehensive reporting makes reconciling very easy. 


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