Application Name: COAS
Last Modification / Release Date: 2008/10
Industry: Financial
Period in Operation: 1998 - 2008
Maximum records implemented: 120 user records
8000 account records
100,000 batch transaction records (month)
Implementation Platforms: Novell Netware;
Database Type: Topspeed
Database Size Limit: Limited by HDD
Demo version available: e-Mail
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Application Summary: SETUP:
User MF
Programme, Project MF
Branch, Department, Cost-Centre MF
Supplier MF
Item setup and MF
Authorisation Channels, User Pools and Group MF

Supplier Orders
With item details, supplier, project, department and cost-centre link
Motivation and queue comments
Option to attach documents with order being submitted
Complete system log

Fully networkable
User authentication
General Discussion
The contact® ordering system with work-flow enables network users to place a supplier order electronically and submit the order document to an authorisation queue.  

The authorisation queue(s) are pre-configured and can be user assigned.  The user information, date, time and order details are recorded for audit purposes. 
The initiator could attach documents such as quotes, motivation or contracts in Word, Excel or other formats to the draft order e-document.

The order moves through the authorisation queue and e-mail messages are being sent by the system to notify the recipient of a pending order.

The initiator are constantly being updated with the authorisation process.  Each order has a unique order number, could have a custom prefix by branch and has preset account numbers related to programmes or projects.

Digital signatures saved into image files are automatically added to the final order document as authorisation queue users append their approval.

Automatic e-mail response to the initiator indicates approval or status.

The application is user friendly and generating and authorising orders are straight forward and quick to process.

Details required upon order generation:
User ID, Order Date (default), Date Required, Priority (Normal, Low, Hight), Supplier Code, Department, Priority

Item Code, UNSPC Code List (optional), Amount Incl. VAT

Attach Documents as Required


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