Application Name: FOH_FP
Last Modification / Release Date: 2001/08
Industry: Theatre / Theater
Period in Operation: 1996 - 2008
Maximum records implemented: 120 personnel records
58 venue layout records
200 - 500 average salary records per period (month)
Implementation Platforms: Novell Netware;
Database Type: Clarion
Database Size Limit: Limited by HDD
Demo version available: e-Mail
Application Summary: Front of House personnel records
Complete personnel details
Personnel reporting
Leave calenders
Personnel salary batches
Designation allocation by individual
Theatre / venue design
Venue and position scheduling
Scheduling reports
Fully networkable
User authentication
The FOH_FP application was developed in early 1995 for a theatre company in South Africa to schedule personnel records for theatre positions available during performances.
A venue would have 4 lift operators, 8 x FOH staff, bar attendants, etc.
The application would look at all available positions, all designations of available personnel and schedule the personnel according to their available times.



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