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21 November 2008
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We are introducing the latest version of contact® Software applications and tools for Windows ...

Rapid application and database development

We are able to develop a software solution for your business,
saving you time and frustration working with large data-sets, spreadsheets, setting up formulas and manipulating multiple lines of data.

An application could be designed for your particular business requirements and to specification.

You won't require any other database program or 3rd party software program to run your database program.  Your database program will be network enabled and ready to use by multiple users on Windows workstations over a Windows, Novell and Linux network.

We could design the input fields, record lookups, application layout and reports, just the way you need it with functions to import and export data to spreadsheets and flat-files.

The application could be designed in separate modules to fit your budget.

For an affordable solution to suite your requirements
contact us now for a free quotation.

Should you require more information, please e-mail:  support@itcontact.co.za



All our applications are developed for Windows operating systems.  Compatible from Windows '98 to Windows 7.
All applications are network ready.  Runs off Novell, Windows or Linux servers.
All applications are integrated with a TopSpeed database engine.
An option for MY-SQL or SQL connection is available for all applications.

Application Profile

Automatic ordering, e-procurement and workflow system.

Personnel scheduling software for
theatre, film and productions.

Abattoir control system with integrated sales order, picking slip, invoices, create notes, grading, supplier batch and reporting.

k, team and personnel management system.  User control, agent, SLA date funtions.  Comprehensive reporting, full user activity logs, filing options, etc.
  contact Payroll:  Add-on module for theatre, film and production industry

Complete employee or contractor master files.  Production setup.  Overtime categories, leave etc.
e-Mail us now for more documentation RE one of our applications:  support@contact.co.za


Other Tools and Modules
☼ ITC : Quotation and Invoicing module
☼ PCS: Parking Control System
☼ CCD : Courier pharmacy and Dispensing module
☼ CIBS: Artist Booking System
☼ CHW: Hiring Wardrobe with Item Cataloque, Invoicing, Credit Notes and Debtor Management

ITcontact® Team